About Us

Our company culture is grounded in open communication, steadfast partnership and team collaboration. This foundation of trust translates into respect, agility and originality for our clients.

Our skilled and experienced professionals consist of engineers, researchers, scientists, construction managers and technical experts with specialties in steel and concrete design, inspection and testing, materials engineering, structural health monitoring and unmanned aerial systems.

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To be a leader in delivering innovative solutions to better infrastructure, whilst learning, growing and having fun!


Our mission is to “Do Right” by embracing our clients’ challenges as our own, pursuing quality through meticulous attention to detail, creating a great place for professionals to work with swing and pride, growing our business responsibly and giving back.


For all projects—large or small—Alta Vista has created a culture based on the following core values:


We prove that hard work, drive and grit make remarkable things happen.


We are honest with ourselves. We embrace criticism and strive for continuous improvement.


Our approach, understanding and culture empower our team to perform the best that we are capable.


We will understand the challenges and technical significance around every issue.


We earn each other’s trust so we know we have each other’s back.


We keep our commitments and deliver on our promises.


We embrace challenges as opportunities to find innovative solutions that no one else may think possible.


We communicate with each other to ensure a consistent level of service and timely, informed decisions.


Great relationships take time. We solve problems by forging strong relationships and overcoming challenges together.


At Alta Vista Solutions, we solve problems. Since 2008, when Patrick Lowry and Dr. Mazen Wahbeh founded it as an engineering firm, our team has worked diligently to improve public infrastructure by embracing our clients’ challenges as our own. We believe that collaboration, and a commitment to always doing right, are essential for the successful delivery of large-scale and complex construction projects. This approach has led us to work on some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the industry. We started with assuring quality at various sources of supply worldwide for the new East Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and have continued to work globally to solve challenges for projects that make our communities better.

In 2010, we were selected as the prime consultant responsible for providing quality assurance services for hundreds of transportation infrastructure projects in Northern California, and were later chosen to provide these services across the state of California. We have worked for clients including the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA), Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro), Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), the City of Sacramento, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), Contra Costa County Transportation Authority (CCTA), Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), New York State Thruway Authority, Federal Highway Administration’s Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFL) and other agencies throughout the country.

Our vision is to continually nurture our personal and professional growth to deliver the best consultant services ever experienced. Our mission is to “Do Right” by embracing our clients’ challenges as our own, offering solutions that move projects forward, pursuing quality through meticulous attention to detail, providing a safe and healthy environment for our team, giving back to our communities, and growing our business responsibly.