Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)/Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

The project is located in Fremont, California at the intersection between Kato Road and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. To facilitate the increased rail traffic due to the upcoming extension of the BART light rail system through the area, the at-grade crossing was replaced with an undercrossing composed of three bridge structures. Two of the bridges were reinforced concrete structures and one was fabricated out of steel.

Alta Vista provided quality assurance services for the steel fabrication, which was done at Stinger Welding, Inc. in Coolidge, Arizona. Alta Vista also reviewed associated submittals and Requests for Information (RFIs) to ensure that they complied with the contract documents and were technically sound. The steel structure included a full-length precast concrete fascia beam for which Alta Vista also assisted with quality assurance and review of submittals and RFIs.