Alta Vista solves problems on projects worldwide, including utility systems, infrastructure transit systems, highways, tunnels, bridges and rail systems.

In all sectors, our disciplines include materials engineering, quality management, inspection, testing, structural health monitoring and unmanned aerial systems.

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Structural Health Monitoring

  • State-of-the art technology, combining wireless and wired systems
  • Real-time data collection and web-based delivery
  • Sensor network with dynamic and static measurement capability
  • Highly-redundant digital networks
  • Embedded sensors and in-place inclinometer
  • Remote condition assessment

Alta Vista has developed cutting-edge technology that provides automated, around-the-clock monitoring, and remote assessment of the structural health and integrity of the built environment. The system provides web-based statistical data analysis capabilities, which offer remarkable benefits including instant remote data collection, monitoring, validation and analysis through usage of a laptop, tablet or a smart phone. Our systems send automated alert notifications and provide constant ongoing monitoring to detect all signs of change, degradation and aging. These systems are vital for instant condition assessment and ongoing monitoring after emergency situations such as earthquakes.

Structural and instrumentation monitoring provide clients with an immediate remote condition assessment of civil infrastructure systems at a lower cost than the traditional approach, and with higher reliability.