• Plan, design, develop, and implement short- and long-term structural health monitoring systems for bridges, buildings, and civil infrastructure under critical loading and environmental conditions
  • Install, verify, manage, and maintain instrumentation and monitoring systems
  • Design, implement, and deploy instrumentation systems for field testing, condition assessment, and performance evaluation of structural elements and structures
  • Perform pre/post-processing, advanced analysis, and interpretation of field testing and structural monitoring data
  • Conduct field tests for measuring vibration, strain/stress, force, pressure, acoustics, thermal, wind data in bridges, buildings, and civil infrastructure
  • Provide complete instrumentation specifications of structural monitoring systems including sensor model, wiring diagrams, installation/calibration/inspection plans, data acquisition components and customized data acquisition software
  • Install accelerometers, seismometers, displacement transducers, strain gauges, tiltmeters, GPS, force transducers, load pins, pressure sensors, anemometers, thermocouples, etc, to monitor effects of wind, temperature, traffic, and earthquakes on bridges, buildings and infrastructure systems
  • Develop and implement analysis techniques/methodologies for assessing structures’ operational condition after extreme events, performing structural modal identification, tracking structural parameters indication structural condition of structural systems


  • Job requires Master’s in Civil Engineering plus one year’s experience in the job field.
  • Must be able to perform job tasks, including:
    • Knowledge of instrumentation technology for structural testing;
    • Knowledge of testing, monitoring, and evaluation techniques of structures.