Steel bridges present frequent fatigue problems that reduce their load-carrying capacity and residual life. The increase of traffic flows and loads in the last decades has enhanced this problem, especially on ageing structures. Having this in mind, in November 2015, the ERA-NET Plus project FASSTBRIDGE was launched aiming at developing a complete methodology to increase such structures’ life expectancy that includes a calculation method for assessing the remaining life of steel bridge in terms of fatigue, a design and application method for the strengthening intervention, and a strengthening system relying on the use of adhesively bonded CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer). The paper presents the FASSTbridge methodology, the developed strengthening system that has been specifically developed for the project and the application of the overall solution on a real composite bridge in Spain: Jarama bridge. Main results and conclusions are then presented to emphasize the advantages of the proposed solution.

– Mazen Wahbeh, Rami Boundouki, Michael Fischer, Mark Weidemueller, Sylvain Chataigner, David Garcia Sanchez, Inigo Calderon, Maria Zalbide, Gianluca Gemignani, Elena Martin, Luis Sopena, Veit Birtel, “FASSTbridge methodology and strengthening system,” Proceedings of 7th Transport Research Arena TRA 2018, Vienna, Austria, April 2018.