Quality Assurance

  • Process improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk reduction
  • Schedule improvement

Quality Management

  • Risk-based quality oversight
  • Quality management systems (QMS)
  • Auditing and ISO certification
  • Continuous improvement programs
  • Lessons learned systems

Quality Control

  • Materials testing
  • Source inspection
  • Site inspection
  • Lifecycle and reliability
  • Verification and sampling/testing


Our quality management services help agencies deliver infrastructure and services faster, more efficiently, and more predictably. We deliver excellence in quality management by focusing on the things that really matter, helping our clients prioritize their efforts. Over the last 10 years, Alta Vista has provided lasting results that help government, state and local agencies provide more efficient services that are valued by the communities they serve.

Our track record in quality management includes designing and establishing an integrated quality management system for the California High-Speed Rail, working with Caltrans to implement a statewide quality assurance program, and providing Lean Six Sigma process improvement services to Caltrans’ Division of Environmental Analysis, to name a few. On all projects, our team provides proactive, experienced project managers who leverage best industry tools and techniques such as Lean Six Sigma, Value Engineering, TQM and ISO 9000 to drive success.