• Nondestructive testing and evaluation
  • Special inspection services
  • Source inspection and facility audits
  • Welding inspection
  • Utility and pipeline inspection


Our inspection and nondestructive testing professionals are dedicated to making sure that the materials used on infrastructure projects stand up to rigorous safety and quality standards. We provide destructive testing, nondestructive testing (NDT), and welding inspection for a wide range of materials and structures, offering our clients solid data and sound analysis that facilitate informed decisions. Our team is composed of NDT technicians certified in a variety of disciplines who are experts in providing inspections for diverse structures.

Our inspectors differentiate themselves through their depth and breadth of experience—with most holding certifications across multiple disciplines, one Alta Vista technician has the training to perform the work of two or more inspectors. With experience performing inspection and NDT for a wide range of structures including bridges, highways, and pipeline and utility systems, we’re well prepared to take on our clients’ most difficult inspection needs.