Pat Lowry leaves the military to pursue an engineering career. He takes his first consultant engineering job and starts working with Caltrans’ Office of Structural Materials

Alta Vista becomes incorporated—but isn’t an engineering firm just yet. Despite being the name of an old internet search engine, Pat names the company after the street he grew up on

Pat and Mazen Wahbeh first start working on the Bay Bridge project, working on quality assurance contracts with their previous firm

Pat helps conduct an after-action review for the Bay Bridge’s Skyway. Having learned the importance of documenting lessons learned, he’ll go on to institute the practice at Alta Vista

Mazen convinces Pat to go into business with him. Driven by the desire to do the right thing for infrastructure, clients, and staff, they decide to set out on their own and start a new firm, and Alta Vista becomes an engineering firm on May 31, 2008 

Alta Vista wins their first quality assurance/independent quality assurance contract with Caltrans for Northern California.

Alta Vista expands their quality management service offerings by starting work on the California High-Speed Rail program

Alta Vista wins their first federal contract for Central Federal Lands with the Federal Highway Administration

Rami Boundouki, with intrepid support from Ken Riley and Mahek Iqbal, moves cross-country to manage Alta Vista’s fledgling New York office, and begins work on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, LIRR third track expansion, and other projects across the state.

Alta Vista wins their first statewide contract for both Northern and Southern California to provide quality assurance on more than 600 projects across the state

Alta Vista starts using unmanned aerial systems for inspection and asset management, working with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority

2018 in a blue circle

Alta Vista celebrates our 10-year anniversary

2020 atlas merger

In September 2020, Alta Vista Solutions merged with Atlas Technical Consultants to become a leading provider of transportation testing, inspection and engineering services

And beyond… with an influx of new opportunities and federal, state, and local funding, we’re excited and ready to take on new challenges in service of public infrastructure